The Wolf 26

April 2012

John Kinsella – Paradise Lust Book 2: Transferences
Zeyar Lynn – My History is Not Mine
Ishion Hutchinson – The Night Autobiographies of Leopold Dice
Christopher Merrill – Black
Christopher Merrill – Lessons (2)
Ruth Padel – The Music of Home
David Barnes – Europa! Europa!
Emmanuel Moses – Prelude 3
Michael McKimm – The Church of St. Sulpice
Helen Moore – Addressing the Wild Arum
Helen Moore – The Pocket’s Circumference
Firas Sulaiman – Lover or Attendant of the Sea
Firas Sulaiman – Saint
Alvin Pang – Loaded
Sophie Mayer – Mure/x
Will Stone – The Behaviour of Other Species
David Morley – Siguiriya
David Morley – Fight
Rizwan Akhtar – The Lahore Fort
Giles Goodland – Slug
Alice Miller – In Season
Alfred Corn – Listening
Lidija Dimkovska – Correspondence with the World
Zeyar Lynn – Slide Show
ko ko thett – monosodium glutamate
Clayton Eshleman – Self as Selva

Niall McDevitt interviews Clayton Eshleman

Centrefold: The Wolf Artist in Residence: Craig Ritchie

De-inventing the Wheel:
Circles Within Circles in John Kinsella’s Armour

Berlin Bursts by Robert Sheppard

Collected Body by Valzhyna Mort

The Infernal Intimacy of Iliazd’s Books:
The Work of Ilja Zdanevic

The Wolf re-introduces –
‘Poets alone are summoned as witness’: Kay Boyle as Poet

Kay Boyle – Poets




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