Guillaume Apollinaire


from red to green all yellow dies
when macaws sing in native woodlands
cut down against the crimson hens
there's a job to do on the bird with one wing
we'll fax it over
brings tears to my eyes
clock that pretty bird with the Juventus lads
poor bloke's sneezed in his white tie
you will lift up the curtain
stay now the window's opening
spiders woven by hands in the light
glamour girl dimness unfathomable violets
guess we'll try for forty winks
start at midnight
taking time is a liberty
winkles multiple monkfish sunflowers and sea urchin laid out
old pair of yellow shoes in front of the window
lathes are the streets
oilwells are the squares
empty shafts that shelter refugees
mules singing laments
to deportees
growling goose honks north
where a white train of snow and night lights escapes from winter
from red to green all yellow dies
London Helsinki Brixham Hurstpierpoint Brisbane and the Virgin Islands
the window opens like an orange
elegant effect of the light

Version from the French by Matthew John Williams


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